Antique Brown Bobby Doughnut Maker

This is an ultra rare piece of the American Dream.

ANTIQUE Brown Bobby Doughnut Maker


This Machine was advertised in the back of Popular Mechanics as a get rich quick way to start a business

It has the 7 Business Plans paperwork described below, The recipes, and also 30 of the pamphlets to put in the store windows.

It also has the letter from the president of the company thanking for the interest in the machine.

This is a 12 donut machine. It was bought back in the 20's for an unbelievable amount of $100.00 !! . The pics in the auction are the actual pictures of the machine and documentation included. I have had this machine for years packed in a box moving all over. The last one that I saw was auctioned off on EBAY in 2005 and went for $785.00 and that did not include any documentation

It is in original condition. Due to its age, I am hesitant in seeing if it works. One plug could be changed. It has some surface rust on the body of it. I didnt want to try to remove it, I'll leave that up to the buyer. I have posted many pictures. If you have any questions, they can be directed to .

Below is the description out of the Wikipedia Check it out for the pics that they have posted.

A Brown Bobby is a triangular shaped doughnut
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