Antique (Ca. 1895) Deep Golden Topaz MIniature GLOW NIGHT LAMP, S1-625, Complete

Embossed Transparent Deep Topaz Glow Night Lamp, S1-625

Embossed Topaz Glow Night Lamp, S1-625

About 4 1/2" tall overall

About 4 1/4" in diameter at widest point

Embossed Transparent Deep Topaz Glow Night Lamp


Probably manufactured by The Glow Night Lamp Company, Ca. 1896

Patent date embossed on bottom of font

Complete with glass burner and string wick
Minor flea-bites on top edge of shade

Unique Aspects of Design Covered by Patent Numbers 545813, Issued Aug. 27, 1895 and 566882 issued Sept. 1, 1896

Background & History: In 1895, Ronald Robertson patented (patent number 545813) a unique glass tube oil lamp burner. The key to Robertson's invention was an onion shaped bulb at the top of the tube which Robertson claimed trapped the noxious gases which were the by-products of the fuel combustion and allowed those gases to be burned without being released into the atmosphere. The result was a smokeless, odorless and very efficient oil lamp burner. Robertson's patent was assigned to or acquired by the Glow Night Lamp Company of Boston, which initially produced two models of night lights using Robertson's design (These two original glow lamp designs are shown in Frank & Ruth Smith's book "Miniature Lamps" in Figures 625 and 628). Just one year later, a patent
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