Antique calculator: Comptometer 1914 Model F

Dorr Eugene Felt (1862-1939) made the first Comptometers for sale in 1887. The Comptometer was the first widely accepted mechanical calculator, antedating the printing calculator invented by William Seward Burroughs in 1891. Model A was produced in 1904 and about 6,000 of these were sold.

Eugene Felt formed a partnership with Robert T. Tarrant in 1887 and the two incorporated in 1889 as the Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company of Chicago . Tarrant left the company in 1902. By 1930, the company had about 850 employees. In 1946, the company merged with the Victor Adding Machine Company. Mechanical calculators were supplanted by electronic versions in the 1960s.

This Model F Comptometer has a copper-plated sheet metal case with embossed filigree on the sides and a nickel-plated nameplate. Later models had the name "Comptometer" embossed on the front of the case.

This calculator is not working, but appears to be complete.

Length: 14 in. Width: 9 1/4 in. Height: 5 1/4 in. including keys. Weight: 21 lbs.

Latest patent date on case: Sept. 15, 1914. Serial number: 116579

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