Absolutely stunning pair of candle holders. I have tried so hard to read the makers mark on the back and I just can't read it. It has their symbol as well, a metal worker holding something on a table while he hammers it into shape. I searched the web and couldn't find anything on the marks. It does have the #3200 on the back as well. Regardless of who or where they were made, they are of the finest craftmanship you will find in brass works. The base is solid marble, and at first glance, I figured with the marble they were probably Italy but the marble is not marked. It does have the holes for prism to hang from but, even at that, some of these were never sold with the prism and some were. Alot of the time, people don't like them or they start to loose them, so they take them off. The one on the left has a couple of places that will come clean once they are polished. I used to polish these but some people don't like them polished so I just leave them the way I find them. I found this set in a basement at a estate sale where I bought some rfeally nice antiques so I never doubted the quality of them after seeing the other items at this sale. These are heavy, so I used the calculator on them. I have also had terrible luck with USPS on items like these and I have found that UPS is usually cheaper than USPS parcel, not to mention, I just ... read more