Antique "Candlestick" Extention Telephone With Headset

No Paypal, ever. I am selling this for a friend that does not do eBay. He has been a Railroadania collector for 40+ years. This phone came from an area auction years ago, It was said to have come out of a closed Railroad depot, or dispatch. It appears to be a complete "Candlestick" extension telephone. Obviously as an extension model, and with a headset, it was made for commercial use. I'm certain it is much rarer than a residential model. The stand, extension and mouthpiece is 13" tall & 26" wide, at fulll extension. The Oak case the bells are on is 16-1/2" long, 9-1/2" wide and 6-1/2" deep. Please look carefully at all five photos, ask questions at: this weighs over 60 pounds so shipping will be substantial. Pick-up would be welcomed. Two of the component boxes are actually glass. Money Order only, buyer pays for well packed shipping at cost, no packing or handling fee. Be certain to identify your winning auction(s) by description or auction number when sending payment. We have quite a few auctions running right now. No Paypal, ever.