Antique Candy Thermometer 10.5" Brannan England Brass w Copper Loop

I just got back from a long trip to the UK and whilst there I went junking. I cannot keep it all so I am listing some here!

This is an old Candy Making thermometer by Brannan, England. It is brass I believe with what looks like a copper loop handle. It looks like it is for a large batch of cooking, perhaps commercial. Has temps for yoghurt, sterilize, jam, soft & hard ball, small crack, crack & caramel. It is 8" long, or 10.5" with the loop. I doubt it works and I am selling it for decorative purposes only so PLEASE do not buy if you need a working candy thermometer!!!! It has some grime but I am selling it as I bought it as many people do NOT want the old patina rubbed off. Some wear but over all good condition for its age and the letterint is pretty much intact. This company started in 1913. This COULD have been used in one of the grand old houses! :)

Even with "free shipping", which is actually shipping included, I combine if you buy more than 1 item that ships at the same time. I have to refund any savings after I print the label, but I am honest and would rather you come back to buy more than gouge you on a few $$$ shipping (I think I am about the ONLY seller on eBay who will even refund anything on free, when buy multiples I have never gotten anything back on savings and you KNOW it is built into each
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