We have for your viewing and bidding pleasure an antique brass or copper carriage lamp or lantern.This item is a strong 100 years old.The lamp has been electrified.It has square beveled glass on the front and left side.On the right side is a swing away hinged door.It has a round reflector in the center of it.The back side has a slot for mounting on a bracket for a horseless carriage or a horse drawn carriage.On the top it is marked THE CASTLE LAMP CO. ELMIRA,N.Y. U.S.A. MODEL .T are 4 or 5 dents on the top.The lamp has old time original patina with a good feel.Years ago the lantern has had some soldering done on it.The lantern is about 10" high and 4 1/2" square except for on the back w the bracket sticks out.We are listing this collectible antique lantern at a low no reserve selling price.So,thanks for looking and good luck bidding.