ANTIQUE Carved Decorated AFRICAN Tribal Drum THREE Faces in Wood : Rawhide Top

Authentic Antique African Tribal Drum : Three Large Carved Faces : Pegged Rawhide Drumming Surface
Made from Hollow Tree Trunk : Numerous Insignia and Faces Burned & Carved into Surface
Our 16th Year on eBay !
From our personal collection, an authentic antique African tribal drum with a wood pegged rawhide top. There are three very large, separate faces carved around the hollow tree trunk body. There are quite a few symbols of unknown origin , which are both carved and hot branded or burned into the surface of the wood. The drum has a sinew handle on one side that is still intact. The base appears to have been hacked loose from either the original tree, or a larger assembly. We have no way of telling for sure; not to mention, we really don't know very much about the origin of the drum at all, except that it came from a Maryland estate several years ago.
The drum is around 90 to 120 years old and has wonderful gloss patina from age and previous use. The drum is in original vintage condition, with some jaggedness on the base rim and a missing wood peg. There is a very old nail head pushing its way through the top of the rawhide, but we did not attempt to clean, restore or "fix" anything . W e are listing the item as is, with only a superficial dusting .
The drum is a genuine antique African tribal article.
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