Antique exquisite ASIAN MAN figurine sculpture handcarved in genuine ivory. Adding to his elegance, he holds a dragon in his left hand, and t is a child at his side. Presented in very good condition, with no missing parts, no broken parts. The figurine statue rests over a handcarved stand. Total height: 17.25". Height figurine: 15.5". Stand: 2.25". IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE EMAILING OR BIDDING!!: If you like what you see, place your bid! The photos speak for themselves and are followed by the most detailed description possible. We're not experts in all fields, we describe you the items to the best of our knowledge. Remember you are bidding on an old and used product, this meaning that despite being presented in remarkable condition it could have some minor wear or scratch marks. From the Chicago Appraisers Association: Ivory Carvings Authentication With recent strict federal regulation against import of ivory, the value of ivory carvings tremendously increased. The smallest modern Japanese one inch figure now starts at $100.00. Large 7 to 9 inch ivory statues begin at $900.00. Thousands of dollars are regularly paid for ornate flower baskets, chess sets, boats and flat pierced design panels. Even more if they have a signature on the bottom and original teak stand. This run-away market is not just for Oriental ivory, ... read more