Antique carved ivory color celluloid plaque cherubs

I was given this charming plaque by an 87 year old woman that told me it has been in her family forever. She told me that it is ivory. It measures 4" high by 2 & 5/8" wide. It looks like the 1/8" or so thick piece was carved out all around the 3 cherubs. It is so thin that when you hold it up to the light-the light comes through a bit to really accent the three. I was taught that you can test to see if something is ivory or celluloid by heating a pin tip and pressing it into the material. I did that and the pin tip did not penetrate it at all. You can see some grain in the picture and t is some darkening of the ivory along the top edge. The bottom left corner also has just a bit of the tip missing. If you could find the right little fancy gold fame I think it would be stunning. It's really a beauty. Buyer pays shipping and suggested insurance for 12 ounces from New York zip 12569. Thank you.