Antique Cast Copper Bell Large Door Bell Arts Crafts

Antique Cast Copper Bell Large Door Bell Arts Crafts
This is a large antique cast copper door bell, circa early 20th century. These bells were originally made in Belgium, and sold as door bells or door pulls in Belgium and France.
Features an interesting angel, which appears to be an amalgam of Christian angels and much older busts of Minerva. The bell features other busty females: sometimes same this bell design will have the 4 evangelists instead, but not this bell. The Latin on the bell says Vocem Meam Audit Oui Me Tangit, which means "whomever touches me will hear my voice." T are several dragons, notably on the top of the bell, and on the bell pull. In medieval Christianity, these stood for sin and temptation.
The bell itself is copper, and the rest of the design is brass over copper, in places the copper shows through the brass plating. After the design was cast in copper, the top was clad with brass.
The photos show the bell dangling from a nail on a blue wall and also lying flat on white paper. The bell kept wanting to swing, so it looks crooked in some of pictures. Will look better with the backplate screwed firmly to a wall.
Entire bell measures 17 inches long (1 foot 5 inches), and sticks out from the wall 9 inches when hung.
Backplate measures 3 3/4 inches wide and 11 inches long.
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