offered up is this antique cast iron okla buckeye wood or coal stove,this is one beauty for a stove that was made in the 1800s,the size is 21" x 20",this is what they call a laundry stove,check out the size ,compared to a childs tricycle,notice how fancy the bottom of the stove is,very ornate,i see no damage at all to this fine antique stove,t is in one pic a place between the burner plates that at one time that has had a tiny repair,but it look great.This is not a reproduction,this is the real deal,if you want one to burn or sit and display in your antique decor this is one to take serious,i can assure you,you will get a lot of compliments on this little fella.NOTE: PLEASE DONT BID OR BUY THIS ANTIQUE STOVE UNLESS YOU LIVE IN THE USA OR CANADA.This is a good time to get one of these antique stove's,in the fall and winter,they go quite high..buyer is respon for any insurance claim if needed,this is the policy of the post office,not mine,i will pack this very well