Antique Cast Iron RAYO coal heater stove brass bird finial black

VERY heavy old piece for its' size! Black Cast Iron old Rayo Coal Stove. (Scroll down BELOW this item description to see a TON of closeup pictures from every angle for your inspection.

It's in beautiful condition with NO cracks. The interior has a THICK round tube built into the sides. The bottom has a vent that reads "Rayo" and allows you to turn the vent to adjust for air flow. That same bottom vent also LIFTS up completely (see pictures) to allow you easy access to the bottom vent area. As you can see in the pictures, there's a built in vent in the top where I guess you would attach a vent to flow air outside if you were going to use this inside. The body of this stove has a ribbed design. There are three "feet". The top has a little circular cover that fits in the opening. The top has an old brass bird finial. This little stove would be a perfect fit for so many different areas. These stoves were great heaters because once they get hot the iron just RADIATES heat. Measures 22 1/4" tall WITHOUT the lid. Measures 24" tall WITH the lid. Measures 9 1/2" wide front to back (including the bottom vent area). Measures 7 1/2" wide side to side. And DON'T be fooled by the size. This is a HEAVY piece at THIRTY-SEVEN and a half POUNDS.


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