Antique Cast Iron Waffle Maker - Unusual Grid Pattern

This is a very nice set of heavy cast iron antique waffle irons with a very unusual waffle or grid pattern and the original base or stand that was made by a maker that is unknown to me. The only markings are what look like 8's or 3's on each of the waffle irons and what looks like a 5 on the handle of the base. The base or stand measures 10" in diameter across the bottom rim and the waffle irons have a 7 3/4" diameter. Each waffle iron has three tabs that fit into the slots on the base. At first I thought t should be four tabs on each waffle iron since t are four slots in the base. But that is the way they were made and I really don't know why. If you don't put the waffle irons together a certain way they will tip slightly inside the stand and if they had four tabs they probably wouldn't tip no matter how they were put together. T must be a reason for this but I probably will never know. As far as condition t are no chipped, broken or missing parts. The outside surface of the waffle irons are either rough cast or they just have pitted with age. The inside surface of the waffle irons look to be in very nice condition with no pitting but do have a little bit of surface rust that will clean up and just a little bit of carbon build up from cooking. I collected and sold cast iron for many years and this is the first time I have ever seen ... read more