antique cast iron wood burner cookstove MONTAG COLONIAL

My wife has had this old cookstove as an ornamental in our house for about 10 years. We've never actually had it hooked up but I believe it is functional. The people we bought it from said it came out of their grandmother's house after she died and she actually cooked with it. This stove was designed to heat water also, t are fittings on the back and t used to be 2 copper tubes that went around the firebox w cold water went in and hot water came out, but I seem to have misplaced them. If you are interested in actually using this stove, they wouldn't be hard to reproduce. The sides of the firebox are warped from having too hot of a fire too many times and the top cast iron panel are a little heat-warped also. The chromed pieces could be re-chromed, (my wife painted them with chrome paint). T is a built-in thermometer on the face of the oven door. You're welcome to come look at it before you bid. Of course, this is a local pickup item only, or I could possibly deliver it for a small fee, contact me and we can discuss it.