Hey guys, Jay Parker here, former host of KnivesLiveTV and Department Head of the Antique & Collectibles department here at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Over the years I have collected a number of different items, and one of my favorite passions has been collecting rare and unique antique straight razors. My wife and I have recently purchased a new home to accommodate our now larger family that grew with the adoption of out beautiful little girl in December of last year. With a new house comes lots of new projects, and in the interest of making these things happen I have decided to part with some of the best of the best from my personal collection. Keep an eye out over the next few days for new items being listed and don't wait to pick these items up, I don't expect they will last long.

Not the best one of these I have ever seen, but it's the best one I have owned and I was always a sucker for Pyremite Straight Razors. This great looking old Cattaraugus also features the Indian logo with the arrow etched in gold on the blade, most of the gold fill remains which is rare on these. It has seen some use and there is some light pitting throughout the blade, but overall excellent condition and a fine addition to any nice straight razor collection. It measures 6" closed, offered here on a special 5 day no reserve auction, don't
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