Antique Chase Horsehair Sleigh Buggy Blanket Lap Robe

Presented at auction is this antique, late 1800's GORGEOUS Chase sleigh blanket in a Victorian pattern with a modern sensibility! The design features a leafy fern and berry motif in tiger like colors with a bold splash of red. Often these old buggy throws came with a busier pictorial design of dogs, horses or kittens, for example. This one, with its overall use of flora, is beautiful in its simplicity, don't you agree? The blanket measures roughly 55" x 68" and is made of a blend of horsehair and wool. It is very substantial in weight (8 1/2 pounds alone without packaging!) as it was meant to be used as a lap robe by travelers in an open carriage, being much too heavy to blow off in a wind. How romantic! I once had the pleasure, many years ago, of a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow to a mountain top castle in Germany, complete with a just such a throw--such a treat for a Southern California girl like me!...but I digress... The back side of the blanket is finished in a lustrous brown horsehair blend. It is in very good condition, with very little wear, and the best I've seen in one of these throws. T are no holes, tears, or fraying, not even on the corners w wear usually occurs. The close up picture of the Chase label typifies the overall condition. I did find one oval area, about 1 1/2" long w the nap is a bit stiffened, like ... read more