A beautifully carved antique Chinese nut and bead necklace. The nuts, of which there are a total of 20, depict 18 differently carved smiling Asian men with exceptionally detailed workmanship, from their meticulously carved teeth to their hollow eyes. There are 19 small round beads. The one nut at the top of the necklace resembles a barrel which appears to have Chinese character writing around the middle of it. At the bottom end of the necklace is a Buddha figure. Each nut measures approximately 1 inch x 3/4 inch. This necklace goes over the head so the approximate measurement of 13 1/2 inches represents from the top nut (barrel) to the small bead below the Buddha. (not including the knotted rope at bottom).
This item comes from a fine San Diego estate of a gentleman who was an avid traveler and collector for over thirty years of antiques, collectibles and fine art. We purchased the remainder of his estate and have been selling it on E-Bay on and off for the past three years. Please as this item is guaranteed to be authentic and in as described condition or your money back.
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