Antique Chinese Brass/Bronze Plates

YOU are bidding on a pair of Chinese brass plates. They

were designed as a pair --one smaller than the other. Also

they were designed to be hung as the pictures show fairly elaborate cross brackets and hook.

The larger brass plate depicts a rooster (YEAR of the Rooster?)

and is very finely detailed. Each etching into the brass is done


The other plate depicts a pheasant and it too shows fine detailed

background floral and grassy scenes.

These have been previously collected by a small auction

shop on Brighton Avenue in Allston called What Once Was


Both Kristene and Rick recently closed their doors after fifteen years t and had previously worked independantly as

antique collectors. These were set aside very early on

when I was able to provide eBay service a digital cam

and PC cafe...recently cut with the auction wizard format and essentially starting again too.

Long time ebayer however.

I will be glad to answer any questions and/or provide additional

photos of brass plates.

I am not entirely sure that they are just brass either for the patina

on the back looks like bronze. A very light golden tone more towards a bronze than the sharper copper
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