CHINESE JADE CARVING OF A KOI CHINESE JADE CARVING OF A KOI - You are bidding on a beautiful Nephrite Jade Carving of a Koi with a large, broad fantail and goggle eyes. It is unmarked and its exact age is unknown. However, from what we know about its provenance, we can state with confidence that it was carved in China and exported to the United States prior to World War I. Koi are a type of goldfish that are specifically bred to accentuate certain physical abnormalities, such as, odd body markings or abnormal colors, fan-like fins and tail, and bulging or goggle eyes. Raising Koi has been a passion in China for many, many years and, as such, has been the subject of innumerable artistic creations. What makes this Carving special is the fact that it was carved from a piece of Nephrite Jade. To the Chinese, Jade is the most precious of all hardstones. They call it the "Stone of Heaven" or the "Stone of Immortality." This Jade Carving stands 2 inches high and is mounted on a custom made wood stand that adds another 1 ¼ inches to its overall height. It measures 5 inches long and a little more than 1 ¼ inches wide, and its fantail measures 2 ¾ inches across. The Jade is a yellowish-green with reddish-brown inclusions. It is in excellent condition without any form of damage. We hope you like it. Good luck bidding.
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