Antique Chinese "Kang" Table (Low Coffee Table) (5025)

This Authentic Antique Chinese Kang Table is handcrafted in elegant Ming Style with simple straight lines yet deeply curved legs. The wood used for this table is core of Elm wood ---very heavy and dense with beautiful wood grain. The table is handcrafted and structured with wooden pegs and tenon structure, which is the very traditional craftsmanship for furniture making in ancient China. Can be used as low coffee table, or any occasional table. Circa early of 19th century. Original patina and wear. The table is very solid and kept in excellent condition (the photos here show all sides of the table).

This style of table was originally made for use on Chinese "Kang". ("Kang": In the northern part of China, Kang is a brick-constructed (can be heated in winter) platform, served as a bed and couch. People sat on Kang with their legs either folded or hanging over the side. Furniture such as low-legged desks, tables and cabinets made specifically for the "Kang" accommodated the many activities that took place there. At night, the furniture would be moved to the side of the Kang, and bedding would be brought out for sleeping on the Kang's surface.)

Size: W32"xD20"xH10"

(Ref: 5025)

Appraisal Value: $1800.00

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