Antique Chinese lacquered sewing box carved ivory/bone

Offered is an Antique Chinese lacquered sewing box with carved ivory/bone sewing parts. The box is wood based with black lacquer background on which is gold gilt secene of 18-19th century China, Chinese people and floral decoration. In the box is a tray that contains following items:

some carved ivory or bone sewing parts;

2 pieces of carved mother of pearl game chips, also date to Qing dynasty 18-19th century;

an old solid Chinese ink (2 inch long) with gilt and some Chinese marks,

a Swank 12k gold chained tie clip marked: swank 1/20 12k G. F.

The box is about 11.25 x 8 x 5.5 inch, good antique condition with peeling and surface crack on the laquer surface that is common for antique laquer ware. Some laquer surface pieces are missing on some small areas. Please see pictures for detail and feel free to ask for large size pictures.

According to Ebay regulation, the ivory pieces can not be sold to outside of US thus I can not gurantee the content in the box can be sold to bidder outside of US.

The box can be shipped worldwide.