Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Emperor 9 Dragon Robe, Rare stitching. 1800-1900

Antique Chinese QingDynasty Emperor 9 Dragon Robe, Rare stitching and weaving. 1800-1900

This Emperor Robe from Qing Dynasty 1800-1900. It is an incredible piece of workmanship with very rare hand stitching and weaving.

Magnificent gold couching in the nine dragon, embroidery with 24k gold thread and silver thread decorative edge.

All stitching and weaving are finished on Looks like a gauze material. Incredible condition for being over hundred years old. (a few thread pulls and slight imperfections ). Please note the both of horse-hoof sleeves have lost .

Measures 55 inches in length and 79 inches in width . It appears to have been wearing for a time.

A treasure to the discerning collector. Very rare and valuable.

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