Antique Chinese Silk Floral Embroidered Jacket

Description: This is an antique black silk jacket embroidered with flowers in yellows, reds, gold, blues and greens. Edged with embroidered banding in gold, silver and green in a floral motif. The black silk on the outside of the jacket has a floral motif on a plain background, the silk on the inside has a floral motif on a "maze-like" background. It has loop closures at the neck, chest, armpit and hip. It should tie inside.

Condition: Fair. It is missing the silk ties for the inside holding the inner flap secure. The button at the neck is missing, the one on the chest might be original, and the two at the armpit and hip have been replaced. There are some snags here and there on the embroidery on the flowers and banding. The banding on the sleeves is slightly worn from wear. There are two spots inside where it looks like some type of paper tape or label was removed (one near the neck, the other on a sleeve - see photos). No tears, rips, holes or other issues that we could find.

Marks/Labels: None.

Measurements: Measures ~22-1/2" across the chest (from armpit to armpit) and ~26" from the top of the collar to the edge of the hem (from back).

Provenance: From a San Francisco Bay Area estate, it was presented to the owner as a gift about 30 years ago. She was told at the time it was "very old".