Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Ancient Ceramic Vase


An authentic Antique Chinese, ceramic vase from the Southern Song Dynasty, period time 1127-1279A.D. greenish glaze body is decorated with sculptured Green Dragon of the East together with sun disc, and applied figures of star gods. The overall condition is still considered to be very good for this 800 year old ceramic vase; no repairs or restorations except for minor glaze flakes. Height: approximately; 41cm (16 1/8 in).

Due to the fact that the market is flooded by reproductions of Chinese antiques we would like to inform our clients that all our artifacts are 100% authentic antiques, not reproductions, and Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dear Clients: Due to the last evidence of fraudulent email received by bidders on our auctions as second chance offers and various other scams, and on the request of buyers, after our many years on eBay our auctions will now be listed as private in order to prevent such unethical activity. We believe that this action will benefit and protect clients from internet fraud which in the last year due to the easy access to internet technology has became another field of activity for criminals from around the world. - AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED
All artifacts are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

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the artifact to be non-authentic

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