Antique Chinese Vases or Urns - Pair, Heavy Brass!

Chinese Antique Brass Dragon Vases or Urns

Excellent Condition!

This will be a No Reserve Auction from the collections of MaryP.

Note the first picture is with Flash the others are Not.


The 33rd auction of the New Year! Welcome back to any repeat clients and Thank You!, for making 2006 so successful! We look forward to presenting many beautiful items throughout this year so please keep checking!

These are the fourth pieces from MaryPS extensive collection of Asian Antiques and Collectables! Not being a subject matter expert in Asian Antinques they all pose a challenge in giving accurate information and history. I will base my description on the facts that I know or have researched, if any Antiquity experts view this listing and would like to share their knowledge or opinions with me I would welcome their comments.

Dimensions : Height 10.00 inches at tallest point without stand, 12.0 inches in stand Width 5.5 inches at widest point 4.0 inches at top. Weight ( one vase) 4 pounds 1 ounce

Age ? Good question. I have no idea. MaryP aquired these pieces from my late granfather a doctor, who died in 1959. This piece was left to him from the Estate of a patient, in the 1930s. So I know for certain it is over 70 years old. How that person aquired it and when
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