antique chocolate mold - Rose Box - Anton Reiche

The old chocolates were clever andbeautiful. I should know. My family used to be in the business! I loved watching my father pour the molds and add the special decorations that finished off many of the pieces. I also loved eating any drips that hardened on the marble slabs that the candy cooled on. There weren't many though. The old chocolatiers really knew their business!

I am offering some of the antique molds that Dad meant to get retinned to use in his shop. He never got around to it though. So, the antique value of these molds is intact!

This is a two piece mold to produce a box made of chocolate. The lid depicts a full blown rose. The mold is stamped with the number 7956, and Anton Reiche, Dresden. This mold measures approx. 4 1/2" across.

This is an unusual Reiche mold to add to your collection.