Antique Christian Moerlein Metal Tray, 1880-1897

Antique Christian Moerlein Metal Tray

This is an Antique Christian Moerlein Metal Tray. Around the middle of the tray it says, MOERLEIN CINCINNATI, U.S.A . In the middle it says Crowned Wver Exhibited Trade Mark

Around the edge of the tray are a variety of awards won by Christian Moerlein . They are, in order from top and counter-clockwise:

Cincinnati Industrial Exposition 1880, Cincinnati Industrial Exposition 1881, Cincinnati, Industrial Exposition 1882, Cincinnati Industrial Exposition 1883, Cincinnati Industrial Exposition 1884, Three large beer barrels, Another award from 1893, Cotton States and International Exposition Awarded to Christian Moerlein Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A. 1895, an image of the building in 1888, Augusta GA. Awarded Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. 1888, Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897 and at the top are what look like 4 different labels from their various labels or stamps on the ends of four more beer barrels. ( I've attached pictures of a few of the awards up close.)

It's a beautiful gold, red, green and black, and would be an excellent addition to any collection!!!!!!