Antique Clamp on Ice Skates Keene mfg company

This is a pair of clamp on ice skates. They are high quality steel and leather. They were made in Connecticut manufactured by the Keene company. They are in very good condition. This pair still has the key. It was so fun to see all the different things that my Uncle Lee collected. This is sure to be a conversation piece especially if someone is willing to go skating in them today. E-1

Uncle Lee's Treasure's - A Collection of Antiques and Interesting Collectibles

My Uncle Lee passed away over 15 years ago. He was a single man and an avid collector of fine antique's and interesting treasures. After he passed, my parents packed away his entire apartment full of high quality and unique items and stored them in their attic. Now, we've started to go through everything to clear out the attic and we've found some really neat stuff to offer for sale. He kept detailed records and photographed nearly every item including when and where they were bought and how much he paid. His collection of items was superior, well-kept and of the finest quality.