Antique Clear Moses Figural Bottle

Up for bid is an Old Figural bottle of Moses. The bottle stands 7 1/2in tall. This is not a Poland Mineral Water bottle, (at least that is the impression I get). That is was the inventory sheet of the bottles I own says from my appraiser. The bottle depicts the old man as holding a bottle and books and he is wearing a hooded robe and a belt with a key tied to it. This bottle is quite puzzling to me b/c it looks like the lip and neck have been hand molded. T are no seams on this bottle and it looks to be mouth blown. The lip is an applied lip and the base looks to be a polished off pontil. T are no damages to this bottle. No cracks or chips. This bottle is in excellent condition. The bottle also has air bubbles from the molding process. This bottle was appraised for $200.00 in 1999 Make sure to check out all the bottles and vases I have up for Auction. Good Luck Bidding.
IMPORTANT! I reserve the right to end this auction at any time if I feel t is a lack of interest or if the bidder has signs of nonpayment or any other grievances against them.

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