Antique Cobalt Granite Ware Enamelware Coff Wood Handle

Graniteware or Enamelware as its also called, first brought splashes of color to the kitchen containers in the mid-nineteenth century. Bright, swirling bands of colorful enamel easily identify the Graniteware style. Older Graniteware pieces were crafted with riveted double seams and wooden handles. This is a beautiful cobalt blue coffee pot, with the wood handle and for being the age it is, it is in remarkable condition! It looks as if the bottom could have some kind of writing, but could be just the swirling of the enamel. Approx. 10 inches in height. Nice primitive piece!! I don't see any cracks, or anything else wrong with it. The cover is tin, with a wooden knob, I really don't know if this is the original cover as I would think it would be enameled like the body but then this is not my area of expertise. You be the judge. SELLING AS IS DUE TO THE AGE. I am a reputable and conscientious seller but I am not an expert in any particular field. If you are bidding on this, you probably know more than I do so I hope you ask questions and even educate me about things I may have overlooked. Your 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I carefully pack your item so that it arrives securely and safely at your front door. I strive for 5-star customer service so please let me know what I can do to improve service. I know you are excited to have your ... read more