Antique Coca Cola School House Clock

This is a very rare clock! I couldn't find much information on it after searching for hours at the library and on the net. What I have determined is that the clock was made by the E.N.Welch company between 1901 and 1903. I have looked in Petrettis book and could not find this clock but I did find similar ones. Similar clocks are valued at $2500 to $5500 in Petrettis value guide. I contacted the Coca Cola company and the historical department could not find this clock either. They said it could have been a demo of a new design or a 1 off clock. I have no way of knowing. The face of the clock is tin and the cardboard is behind the pendulum. The cardboard is torn with pieces missing. Unfortunately the clock makers name is gone. It reads " Keep the while eight day at once" also "Ih-sur' a-ble" I'm not sure if the second letter is an h or n. Looks like an h.

It has just been mechanically restored by the LN Kaas Co. This is a very rare find in this condition. Of course it shows some wear that a hundred year old clock would have but I consider this clock to be in excellent shape. The company that rebuilt the mechanism said the clock is definitly turn of the century based on the components used in the manufacture. The clock does have the original pendulum weight and it does chime on the hour. The clock functions perfectly and also
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