Antique Coffee Maker S Sternau & Co Sterno Coffee Pot

You are bidding on a very unique coffee brewer manufactured by S Sternau & Co of New York, NY.

Measures approx. 15" tall and 8.5" from handle to handle. I believe that the pot itself is copper with a plating of aluminum over it, but I'm no expert on the subject. I can see the copper below the surface w t are areas that have the plating missing on the front.

In the second picture of this listing, I have dismantled the coffee maker so that you can see all of the parts. T is a lid with a wooden top, a glass bowl with a metal mesh basket to hold the coffee grounds, a metal tube that is placed inside the pot and through which the hot water travels to the top of the glass bowl and then over the coffee grounds, the main body of the brewer which has a very elegant faucet handle to turn the stream of hot coffee on and off, and at the very bottom, a metal container that holds the "Sterno" can of jellied fuel that heats the water. I don't know about you, but I have never seen another one like it. I bought it approx. 30 years ago at an antique shop and I am now selling it because I need to down size my collection of antiques.

Printed inside the metal "Sterno" can container is the following information:

"For use with Sterno canned heat No. 4006 S Sternau & Co New York, NY"

On the metal lid used to extinguish
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