Antique Columbia Stove by Keeley Stove Company PA

Up for bid is an Antique Columbian Wood Cook Stove. This wood cook stove was made by The Keeley Stove Company in Columbia, Pennsylvania. It measures 4 feet wide by 26 inches deep and stands 36 inches high to the cooking surface. The stove has a warming oven above the stove which is basically a shelf to place goods on to keep warm. On the right side of the stove is a copper tub built into the stove that is used to heat water. The tub has a valve at the bottom to drain out the water. The oven is in the center of the stove. It has a thermometer built into the door to tell the temperature of the oven. On the left side of the stove is the actual burning chamber. T are grates on the bottom of the firebox with a tray under that which catches the ashes. The stove has a cast iron handle that turns the grates and is also to remove them from the stove. T are adjustable air slats on the left side of the stove that control how much air gets into the firebox tfor controlling how hot the stove gets. The top of the stove has 4 burners. These cast iron burners are removeable. The stove accepts 6 inch chimney pipe. T is a cast iron elbow that attaches on the back of the stove. This elbow is cracked but could easily be repaired or may be able to be used as is. I would consider the stove to be in good condition. The stove has two small spots on

History of the stove:

I bought this stove from a local man who bought it at an estate auction in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. The stove was in a cabin in the woods that the owners used for hunting and for family reunions. Prior to being place in the cabin, the stove was used as the main cooking stove in the family's farm house. We believe that the stove was used in the farm house up to 1948 at which time the house was electrified and the stove was moved to the cabin. I believe it was at this time that the finish was damaged on the front of the stove. I am not sure how old the stove is. I would assume that it is 70+ years old.

If you have any questions about the stove or have any information about it please contact me. Thanks for viewing and happy bidding!!

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