Antique Composition America's Wonder Baby Doll 16''

Sweet Baby

This little baby doll is so sweet and cute, her face is adorable and I love the little jerry-curl she has in the middle of her forehead! She measures 16’’ long and remains in amazing condition for her age. She has a little bit of flaking around the eyes barely noticeable and some very small cracking in her head, not much at all. She has to be nearly 50 or 60 years old yet the colors of her face remain great! Her face and arms are composition the rest of her body and legs are cloth. She is jointed and has a speaker in her back that doesn’t work. Her eyes open and shut.

Her neck reads: Petite America’s Wonder Baby Dolls

She is wearing one of her original dresses and booties. She is very cute, my personal favorite from others I am selling. Cute and sweet.