ANTIQUE COOK STOVE - Burns wood or coal

Up for bid is a wonderful antique cookstove. This is a Home Comfort cook stove purchased from the Wrough Iron Range Company, St. Louis, MO. I got this stove from the original owner, an elderly neighbor lady who cooked on it everyday. She and her husband purchased the stove new in 1938. I always admired the stove and when she passed on, I became the new owner and was thrilled. I have cooked on the stove top (simmer a pot of homemade soup!) and even baked in the oven.

You also get the original Home Comfort cook book that came with the stove. Not only does it have great recipies, but also a very good description of the Wrought Iron Range Company and the particulars and a great color photo of this actual stov e!

This stove is white Verluc enamel with door handles and trim in nickel plate. The water reservoir lid and inside the warming ovens are dark blue enamel. The range body is built of quality steel (covered with the enamel) that "protects the underlying steel indefinitely" per the description in the book that came with this stove. The oven has a rack, so like any modern oven, it has two levels.

The dimensions of the stove are as follows: Extreme width....48 1/2", Height of Range from floor to top of cooking surface...34 3/4", Height of top portion of stove (warming ovens, etc)....16 1/4". The water reservoir
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