Antique Copper Boiler / Kettle

This copper boiler or kettle are all copper except for the handles and handle brackets. The handle brackets are probably steel because of the rust that has formed on them, but are still firmly riveted to the ends of the boiler and lid. The handles are wooden and are well worn from use. The wooden part of the handles are loose enough to turn on their brackets and the cracks due to age can be seen in the photos. The boiler / kettle will no longer hold liquid. While t are no holes in the bottom or sides, part of the bottom seam has separated and is no longer sealed ( Photo 12 ). The lid has a black coloring applied to the inside, but it is all copper.

The dimensions of the Boiler are: 12 3/4 inches wide. 27 1/8 inches long including handles, 22 7/8 inches long excluding handles. The height from top of lid handle to bottom is 17 3/4 inches, Height from top of lid to bottom is 15 1/4 inches. The depth of the boiler is 13 inches.