antique courting chair

Beautiful carved French Baroque conversation/courting chair. During the Victorian Era, this chair would have been placed in the center of the parlor. When gentlemen callers would come to court the daughter(s) of the family, they would initially be required to sit in a chair like this so that they could talk at close range without being able to do more than hold hands. Mom would generally be in the room to observe their behavior, assess the suitor, and make sure t was no hanky panky. This is truly a one of a kind and beautiful piece. Not sure of the exact age, but it dates to late 1800's or early 1900's. Changing styles in our house and unfortunately need to get rid of this. I bought this with the fabric it has on it already, but if you don't like it, it could easily be changed at a nominal cost. Chair was reupholstered by previous owner, is in sound and solid condition. Unfortunately I cannot keep it. Item is approx. 49" long, 27" wide, 32" high. Weighs about 20 lbs. Must be picked up in Easton, PA. Will not ship. Do not accept paypal. Cash or Money order upon pickup. Will deliver within 20 miles of Easton, Pa. for $20.00