Antique Cram's 1901 HUGE Atlas 657 pgs World, States, Territories Maps Tipped In

Offered here is the 1901 "Cram's Universal Atlas Geographical Astronomical Historical". Loaded with maps that show no fading. Pages of maps are tipped in for easy removal and the book is sewed together with a thread in its original way from the printer. Broken spine. The state map of Illinois has a bit of stuck paper and most others are in UNREAD condition. Perfect for the map framer. There are maps showing world progress and development from earliest times to present (1900). Also a history of astronomy and a description of the geography of the heavens. Numerous views and charts, statistics, diagrams and a complete gazetteer of the USA. Published by Geo. Cram in the USA. The only map that shows wear and some creasing in the NYS. There are 41 of the largest and most important cities of the world. Maps of 53 principle cities. Maps of continents, countries, colonies and Islands of the world. There are Biblical maps of Canaan, and noted with the descendants of Noah and his 3 sons. Also Ancient Palestine and the location of the 12 tribes (very interesting). Map of ancient Egypt and the first great empires BC 3000-500 and their boundaries. Map of Solomon's Kingdom BC 1015-975. Map of Palestine at the time of Christ with an inset of Jerusalem. Also a city map of Jerusalem with a plan for the Temple and also maps of other cities of Canaan. ... read more