Antique Crystal Chandelier Hanging Ceiling Light Fixtur

Crystal Chandelier Antique Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture

Auction features an Estate Sale purchase for a lovely anitque Crystal Chandelier loaded with beaded crystals and prisims. I was told this piece was from era 1960's. It had been in storage for many years and quite dirty, I have cleaned it and couldn't believe what a lovely piece it was! Will still need a little extra cleaning. Still has what I believe is the original wiring.

It's a 5 arm all crystal glass fixture. It measures approx. 22 inches long and approx 17 wide. T is a total of 5 handing prisims on the bottom of which 2 are missing and 1 prisim is chipped on the top tier.

The crystal pattern is like a diamond cut. I'm starting bidding at .99 cents since t are a couple imprefections!

Please email with any questions. Shipping UPS ground service is $30.00. Thanks for looking.

All items which are fragile/breakable will be carefully packed with peanuts, bubble wrap etc. They will leave my possession unbroken. I can't be responsible for the mis-handling of the UPS/USPS handling of the package. Insurance is always opitional. Should an item be damaged upon arrival and you purchased insurance, I will complete any documents with the carrier and submit to you for filing. I try my best to give
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