Antique Cyrano de Bergerac Sculpture Art Nouveau A. Rucho Paris Foundry

This sculpture is 8" tall and a depiction of the character of Cyrano de Bergerac. "Cyrano" ON THE FRONT BOTTOM. Cyrano appears to be singing one of his songs, perhaps to Roxanne. This is a romantic sculpture from the Art Nouveau period signed clearly A. Rucho. I have done the following research in reference to this sculpture: has a Rucho sculpture of Attillio currently selling for 160 euros. They represent the piece as Art Nouveau. I also located biography information about Rucho that indicated his sculptures were created in a Paris foundry. Antiquites Geneston comes up with a hit but I do not read French. There are 3 patinas evident. One is silver like, one is bronze, and one is orange/red. The sculpture has a small bottom chip as shown in the back of the bottom picture. There are no other issues other than I am not qualified to comment on the Patina which appears in vintage/aged condition. When one shakes the sculpture there is some small thing rattling inside. This is a wonderful piece.