Antique Dazey butter churn 20 St.Louis restored! 20h b

From Dead People's Stuff in Oklahoma City we have a Dazey Butter Churn, number 20b. Back of gear says "21C"(or Q?), the back of the arm says "20H". then the letter E opposite.Top metal churn portion has been stored to brilliant silver color. At first i thought it was simply repainted, which it may be . But it looks better than that--the rod holding the paddle has been cleaned and refinished, the inside of the lid is perfectly clean and silver colored. I don't know how they restored it but it's been re-plated or sandblasted or painted, my guess is they sandblasted it to get the old layer of grime and rust off and restore it to new metal then finished it however, with paint or plating. Every nook and cranny is very meticulously clean as compared to the unrestored model we have. It's really perfect looking. Even the inside of the threading on the lid is brilliant and clean. As is the screen on top and the tiny wire on it.

The glass jar looks clean and restored to "new looking" as well. The only issues with the jar is the genuine wear marks on the bottom to prove it's really old and a white paint smudge on the back (note photos). Original wooden handle still shows age as well.

Don't see many like's nicer than i first thought!

Says "pat. feb. 14,22" and "St. Louis, MO" on the glass portion. See photos.
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