Beautiful Antique Decorated Wooden Acme Brand Tie Press

Antique Decorated Wooden
Acme Brand Tie Press
Chrome Hinges and Graduated Latch

For Your Dresser Related or Antique Tie Press Collection

Details Description: An antique tie press, with attractive wooden pressing plates and chromed metal fittings. These were made before dry cleaning and were used to press wrinkles out of neckwear. Composed of two flat pieces of wood and a graduated clamp, a gentleman would place the wrinkled tie between the two pieces of wood, clamp it tight and wind up with a nicely pressed tie. These do actually work and do a great job of removing wrinkles from a knot for example. This particular one has a very nice decorative decal on the top and bottom with a framed central flower and wood like grain. This has been lacquered over to give it this beautiful shiny look. It also has nice chromed hinges and a graduated clamp with star like fittings. The inside shows the beautiful wood grain from which the press is made. The piece has an oval golden sticker indicating the manufacturer's name and patent number of 214027. This number dates from 1879-1880. Please view photos as they are part and parcel of the description.
Date: Late 1800s to early 1900s
Origin: USA
Size: Measures 9 1/2" by 3 1/4" and is 7/8" thick.
Maker: ACME Company.
Marks: Oval gold sticker on the
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