ANTIQUE DELMONICO/NIVICO CONSOLETTE STEREO PHONOGRAPH DESCRIPTION: Up for your consideration is an Antique Delmonico / Nivico Consolette Stereo Phonograph. Model # 224 - Multiplex. Nice shape. It's working. I tuned in radio stations and listened to them, but couldn't get the phonograph to work. Formica top, clean. Little bump on the back left corner, and chips on one side, and one small chip on the other. Not really noticeable though. I wouldn't worry about them. Flip top works great. Stays up and will hold sturdy. The piece stands on four removable legs and is sturdy and tight and stands nice and square. The consolette itself has a height of 13 inches. The height to the right is for the entire piece with the legs included. Good luck bidding.

SIZE : Width: 23" Depth: 14" Height: 26"

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