Antique Dental Chest ( Dentist dentists cabinet

Antique Dental Chest

This is an antique Dentist Cabinet.

( I' Guessing Late 1800 - early 1900 )

I do not know much about it, I am selling it for my dad, It was given to him By a neightbor ( a Dentist)

It appears to be hardwood

It is "Double-Sided", with 11 drawers on the "Front", and 10 Drawers on the "Rear".

44" High - 30" wide - 21" deep

( Dovetail Construction - see photo )

Photo 1 shows the "Front" of the Cabinet, and Photo 2 shows the "Rear"

the Cabinet Has been stored in a garage, And it can be used as is, But a little "TLC" will make it a show piece.

it looks like at one point water dripped on it, t are watermarks in the finish, you can see it in some of the Photos,

and some of the drawer bottoms are De-laminating. ( see photos)

T is One Grain-Split on the top - See photo

the Knobs are Cut Glass, and 2 of the Knobs are missing ,

and were replaced with silver knobs, ( they are in the top left/right of Photo 1)

1 "Side" of Cabt has Grab Handle of metal and Glass

The Base has 4 peices of Marble, all in Good shape (needs Cleaning)

The top has Original "Clips" - see photo -so You can put on your own piece of Marble or Wood

(t are 3 holes drilled in top, Probably for Dental
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