Antique DIETZ Flashlight POLICE LANTERN Bulls-Eye Lens Turn-of-the-Century

Up for Auction, a beautiful, all-original DIETZ FLASHLIGHT POLICE LANTERN

The Dietz Flashlight Police Lantern features a 2 3/4" magnifying Bulls-Eye Lens and a thumb lever that actuates a tin shutter to instantly darken the lantern without extinguishing the flame. This "cutting edge technology" of the time, allowed a Police Officer the ability to operate a true "Flash" Light with one hand. Patented April 13, 1886, this model was discontinued after 1898 and made only with the 3" lens. However, additional seemingly conflicting information could put this lantern as late as 1909.

While the original "Japanned" Brown finish is mostly gone, there is no rust nor any major dents anywhere on this piece. The Police Lantern stands approximately 8" tall with all the original hardware tight and working properly. Hinged handles, belt clip, door hinges/clasp, notched bottom/attached fount and wick adjuster are all solid and functioning.

The Bulls-Eye Lens is clear and intact with no cracks or chips and the thumb lever works freely to open and close the "blackout" shutter.

A working artifact of early Police Technology, a step in the History of Turn-of-the-Century Lantern Technology. A wonderful addition for the avid collector of Law Enforcement relics or Dead-Flame Lanterns.

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