Antique Display Case, Wood, Brass, Curved Glass

This antique display case is absolutely fantastic and is in its original state, to our knowledge. It comes from the estate of a restaurant/shop owner, turned miniature collector, who used the cabinet for many, many years for both store counter display and home miniature display. She purchased it used back in the 1940's. We are uncertain of the age, but, by its appearance it must be at least 100 years old. The cabinet stands 11.5" high, 15" wide, and 10.75" deep. The frame is made of wood and brass. From the front, you see mostly the aged brass and, from the back, you see mainly wood. The case includes two glass shelves, one of which has a broken corner that is only noticeable from certain angles. All the glass seems to be original and is quite old, with a wavy appearance from side views. The door latch is a metal eyelet that appears to have been added at some point. The case is in amazing condition for its age, but, as can be seen from the photos, has experienced some wear. The case is sturdy, the hinges work, the opening back door fits nicely, etc. Still, it is quite old and we handle it carefully. It is a bit dusty and could use a good cleaning, but we will leave that up to the buyer. We have not attempted to clean, refinish, or polish this case in any way.

Of course, shipping it will be a fragile issue and our intent is
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