Antique Doll Armand Marseille 390N A8M

Another doll from our latest estate, you'll love this Armand Marseille doll.
With a jointed composition body and bisque head, she's in very good condition for her age. She is marked on the back of her head: MADE IN GERMANY, ARMAND MARSEILLE, 309N, and A8M under that. Also has additional writing on her head, see photos.
Size: 24"
Materials: Composition jointed body with bisque head
Condition: Very good. There is some glue on the back of the head, sloppily added for affixing new hair. There is a glue spot on the back of the hair. The composition is in very good condition with no cracks, see photos for wear. Dress is newer, the socks, shoes, pantaloons and underslip top are old but not guaranteed original to the doll. There is a piece of tape on her stomach that says F93, will leave that for new owner to remove.
This doll is part of a collection from an 89 year old woman. She bought this doll 40 years ago and paid over $100 for her then.
I am not a doll expert, but have tried to give you ample info and photos to judge condition. Please ask any questions or for additional photos!
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