This is a gorgeous Antique Handwerk Doll . She stands 24 1/2" Tall, and 7" wide . The back of her head is marked : 109 / 12N . Refer to photo #3 above.




4 1/2

She is all Bisque. She has short blonde hair, done in two braids. She has big bluish grey eyes, painted eyebrows, and open nostrils. She has an open mouth with four teeth showing. Her lips, are painted a peachy color. Her earlobes have holes for earings, but do not have any. She has a light skin tone. Her cheeks are touched with a hint of blush. She has the most beautiful face. Her body is in good condition, considering age of doll. She does have some flaws I'd like to tell you about. First She has a greyish mark to top of right hand, not course, but it is smooth. Fingers on both hands show wear, from dolls age. see photos # 6, 7, and 8. On left inner arm ( see photo # 12 above) , she has a 2 1/2 " spot, that looks like finish has come off. This is also smooth. She has spot to middle of back ( see photo # 12, that looks like pitting, possible done when doll was made. She wears a old fashioned short sleeve dress, full of beautiful red and blue flowers. on an ivory background. The bodice of her dress is trimmed at the sides, in a diamond pattern, done in medium blue. The neckline, is trimmed in a ecru with blue rickrack. The
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