Antique Door Knobs, Door Locks, Skeleton Keys

Are you currently restoring an old Victorian house, OR have plans down the road for such an endeavor? When it comes to finding hardware for old doors,

I have the perfect solution in your quest for authentic restoration parts.

I am selling unique, hard to find door components removed from a Victorian house built in 1874 in Hampstead , Maryland ( Carroll County ). The new owner

is upgrading the house with modern components throughout but didn't want to discard the original hardware, knowing how hard old door parts are to find; particularly considering the condition these items are in. Tfore, I have agreed to list them on his behalf.

Up for your consideration are 15 antique locks, 15 matching catches, 14 metal key hole covers, 13 door knob sets (plus three spare knobs),

13 door knob shaft covers, 3 door hinges, 15 door knob shaft washers, 6 skeleton keys, 2 kitchen cabinet latches with catches. and 1 window

latch set . Many of these items have some old white paint around the edges which do not detract from their value & will certainly come off with just a little scrubbing.

For a complete picture of these items, I've described everything in detail as follows:

Fifteen door locks . All are solid and in good working order. Only the largest one has a hint of rust
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